Soldiers' Burial Sites
Abraham VanBuskirk   B                Franklin                                                          Gallia, OH

Peter Vandermark  F                        Leavenworth National                       Leavenworth,  KS

Joseph Vangundy B                         Chattanooga National                               Hamilton, TN

Peter Van Slyck    A                         Greenwood (GAR section. lot 6)                   Butler, OH

George Wagerly  I                            Oakwood                                                   Crawford, OH

David Wallman  D                            Marietta National                                           Cobb, GA

John  L Watson  B                            Grandview ( section 9)                                     Ross, OH

Daniel Webster   D                            Lebanon                                                       Marion, KY

Alfred Weedon   F                            Northwood                                               Guernsey, OH

Charles Wellfeller
 G                        Jefferson City National                                 Cole, MO

William West   C                               Nashville National                                 Davidson, TN

Amos White I                                   Chattanooga National                             Hamilton, TN

Sardis H White   C                           Glendale                                                   Summit, OH

Jonathan Whitesides  I                   Dayton National                               Montgomery, OH

Elymas Wilkins  C                           Hayden                                                     Jennings, IN

Albert Willey I                                 Andersonville National (10528)                 Sumter, GA

Aquilla Williams  I                          Maple Grove                                              Licking, OH

Daniel Williams G                           Chattanooga National                             Hamilton, TN

Francis Williams   E                        Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

George Williams  K                         Lebanon                                                     Marion, KY

John M Williams  H                        Chattanooga National                             Hamilton, TN

Joseph Williams  K                          Guy                                                         Madison, OH

Rolla Williams H                              Woodland                                                       Yolo, CA

Joseph S Williams G                        Oak Hill  (section 2, lot 54)                  Mahoning, OH

Frank M Wilson   C                        Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

James Wilson F                                Wheeling                                                     Ohio, WVA

Milow Wilson D                                Belmont ( 431)                                        Mahoning, OH

George Winkler  I                            Teays Hill                                              Kanawha, WVA

Moses Henry Wood   K                   Lower Salem                                       Washington, OH

John F Wood G                               Marietta National                                            Cobb, GA  

William H. Young, Lt. Col.              Dartmouth College (lot 268)                      Grafton, NH
Soldier /Company                     Cemetery                           County/State

UNKNOWN                         NUMEROUS LOCATIONS                     MANY STATES


Unknown                              Stones River National ( E 44)                      Rutherford, TN

Unknown                               Stones River National ( E 277)                   Rutherford, TN  

Francis Aid  B                       Calvary                                                          St. Louis, MO

David Aldrich    C                  Ashley Union                                               Delaware, OH

Davidson Aldrich  C              Ashley Union                                                Delaware, OH

Elkanah Allen  I                     Sigler                                                               Madison, IN

Jeptha Allen  I                        Horeb                                                            Jackson, OH

John Allen  I                          Stones River National                                  Rutherford, TN

Raymond Allston  B              Grandview ( section 8)                                           Ross, OH

Louis Amburg  B                   Grandview  ( section 7)                                          Ross, OH

Julius Anway  D                   Unmarked Grave at Compass Lake                   Jackson, FL

Marion Anway   D                 Chattanooga National                                      Hamilton, TN

Washington Appler  I            Greenlawn                                                             Scioto, OH

John Ashburn  C                   Chattanooga National                                       Hamilton, TN

John Baker   I                        Greenlawn                                                             Scioto, OH

Miles C Baker H                    Hill                                                                 Champaign, OH

Samuel C Barnett F              Andersonville (7280)                                             Sumter, GA

Charles D Barclay G              Oak Hill ( section 10, lot 58)                           Mahoning, OH

Isaac Bare   I                          Olive Branch                                                            Smith, KS

James Barr  I                          Ferncliff ( soldier memorial)                                    Clark, OH

Charles L Bartholomew H       Stones River National  (E1923)                      Rutherford, TN

George Bear   G                       Oakwood                                                           Trumbull, OH

James Bartholomew    C          Cairo                                                                 Alexander, IL

John Bechtel   E                      Los Angeles National                                    Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Bendevolt K                  Chattanooga National                                       Hamilton, TN

William H Benedict   C             Ashley Union                                                 Delaware, OH

Herrick Benjamin K                 Oak Hill                                                          Madison, OH

George Bensley   C                   Shiloh National                                              McNairy, TN

Frederick Bensley C                 Allegan Co.                                                       Allegan, MI

Daniel Berry   D                        Old Olivesburg                                               Richland, OH

Lewis Freeman Berry  A          Greenwood (vault section, lot 740)                     Butler, OH

Marcus P. Bestow   A               Coolville                                                             Athens, OH

William H. Bevan  D               Washington Veteran Home                                   Kitsap, WA  

Albert Bidwell   K                    Oak Hill                                                            Madison, OH

Elisha Bidwell   K                    Oak Hill                                                           Madison, OH

Samuel Birch G                       Gallipolis City                                                      Gallia, OH

Henry Bishop  C                     Rockville                                                                Bates. MO  

John M Bissell  A                    Chattanooga National (E366)                             Hamilton,TN

William Blake   I                     Iron Furnace                                                      Lawrence, OH

David Blue H                           Nashville National ( E-731)                               Davidson, TN

Walter Boyd F                         Chattanooga National (E-11301)                        Hamilton, TN

Nimrod Boyer  A                      New Hope                                                                   Vigo, IN

Andrew Bowers   A                  Nashville National                                             Davidson, TN

Frank Bowmaster  I                  Mound Hill                                                            Gallia, OH

John Bradley K                         Deercreek Twp.                                               Madison, OH

David Bragg B                          East Concord, Jackson Twp ( lot 128, sec 2)    Franklin, OH

John  M Bressler  A                  Bunker Hill Universalist Pioneer                        Butler, OH

Jackson Bridgford  A                Gallipolis City Cemetery                                      Gallia, OH

Benjamin Brill   F                      Cave Hill National                                            Jefferson, KY

Emmanuel Brill  F                      Salesville Hill United Brethren                       Guernsey, OH

Francis Brill  F                           Salesville Hill United Brethren                        Guernsey, OH

George Brill   F                          Saleville Methodist Episcopal                          Guernsey, OH

James P Brill  F                         Nashville National ( A-4622)                            Davidson, TN

David Brooks K                                                                                               West Plains, MO

Andrew Broyhan  H                  Mt. Calvary  ( Old Cathedral, row 2, 21)           Franklin, OH

Isaac J Brown  D                      Nashville National (B-6508)                            Davidson, TN

Jonathan M Brown  C              Nashville National ( A-5144)                            Davidson, TN

Robert Brown   F                     Marietta National                                                     Cobb, GA

William Brown  G                   Andersonville National ( 7529)                               Sumter, GA

George Bruster   H                  Grafton National                                                 Taylor, WVA

Brooks Bryan K                      Oak Hill                                                               Madison, OH    

George Bupp    K                     Oak Hill                                                              Madison, OH

James W Burbridge  B             Chattanooga National (G8825)                        Hamilton, TN

W.F. Burgett  D                      Chattanooga National ( c230)                             Hamilton, TN

George H Burrell   C               Grafton                                                                Taylor, WVA

Alfred Byers   A                      Greenwood                                                              Butler, OH

Andrew Byers   A                    Greenwood (East Hill section, lot 76)                    Butler, OH

William Calvert E                   Chattanooga National                                         Hamilton, TN

William Cameron H                Chattanooga National                                        Hamilton, TN

William A Campbell H            Deercreek Twp.                                                 Madison, OH

James Campbell    K               Deercreek Twp.                                                Madison, OH

John Campbell K                    Oak Hill                                                              Madison, OH

Obadiah Campbell  E              Oakwood                                                           Crawford, OH

Mathew Castle  H                   Kieferville                                                           Putnam. OH

Elliott Cattin D                       Greenlawn (circle M-454)                                  Franklin, OH

John F Chambers  E                Nashville National                                            Davidson TN

Calvin A Chapman   H            Highland Cemetery, Covington                           Miami, OH

Socrates Chandler  E             Naches                                                                 Yakima, WA

William D Chandley  B           Stones River National  (G2745)                    Rutherford, TN

Daniel Chesnut B                   Greenlawn (Section 43, Lot 77)                          Franklin, OH

Samuel Chesnut  B                 West Maplewood (708E), Anderson                 Madison, IN

D R Chrisman   K                    Oak Hill                                                           Madison, OH

Samuel Cisna   K                    Chattanooga National                                      Hamilton, TN

Benjamin Clauson  D               Grafton National                                             Taylor, WVA

William Clark   C,E                  Africa aka East Orange                               Delaware, OH

Louis Clendenon  B                Angelus Rosedale                                      Los Angeles, CA

Alonzo P Clingan  K               Andersonville National (11641)                         Sumter, GA

Andrew J Clingan  K                Somerford Twp                                               Madison, OH

Isaac Clinger  I                         Woodland                                                 Montgomery, OH

James Cochran G                     Andersonville National (2207)                          Sumter, GA

Elias Cole     C                       Marlborough  Churchyard (290)                    Delaware, OH

James Cole   C                        Marlborough Churchyard (281)                    Delaware, OH

Thomas Coleman    H             Chattanooga National                                    Hamilton, TN

Washington Coleman A           Stones River National                                Rutherford, TN

Lewis Congill    F                     Northwood                                                    Guernsey, OH  

Josiah Conklin  C                    Marion                                                             Marion, OH

Patrick Connell H                    Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN  

Lyman Cook    C                     New Albany National                                          Floyd, IN

James W Cooley A                   Annapolis National                              Anne Arundel, MD

Jerry Coomer C                        Ashley Union                                              Delaware, OH

Samuel Conrad  B                     Fairmount                                                     Jackson, OH

Benjamin Corkins C                 Grafton National                                          Taylor, WVA

William H Cornwell H               Greenlawn ( 71)                                           Franklin, OH

James M Cosgrove  B               Chattanooga National ( H10834)              Hamilton, TN

John Costello  B                       San Francisco National  (NADD1154)  San Francisco, CA

William Colvin  I                       Greenlawn                                                          Scioto, OH

John Crabtree I                         Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

William Craft   F                        Palestine Church of Christ                               Noble, OH

John Crago   B                           Nashville National  ( E 1509)                      Davidson, TN

Isaac Crago  B                           Crystal Springs                                               Berrien, MI

William Cramer  C                     Danville National   (E 759)                         Pittsylania, VA

Benjamin Crane  A                          Marion National                                             Grant, IN

John Crouse C                           Chattanooga National (H10796)                    Hamilton, TN

James Cunningham A                Shiloh National                                               McNairy, TN

Philip Cunzelman   B                 Grandview  ( section 17)                                        Ross, OH

William Crun   G                       Chattanooga National                                      Hamilton, TN

James Curry  B                         Chattanooga National (E11791)                      Hamilton, TN

Sylvanus Darst    K                    Oak Hill                                                           Madison, OH

Andrew Davis   C                       Nashville National ( E-309)                            Davidson, TN

Thomas E Davis G                     Robb Cemetery                                                  Gosper, NE

Barton Dawson  B                      Stansbery                                                         Wyandot, OH

James Dawson A                        Nashville National (B-6897)                           Davidson, TN

Cornelius Deasy G                     Andersonville National  (4501)                           Sumter, GA

Timothy Deasy   G                     St. Joseph's                                                    Cuyahoga, OH

Christopher Degenfeld Major    Oakland                                                                  Erie, OH

Joseph DeHaven  K                    Pearl                                                                   Shelby, OH

James Delaney D                       Chattanooga National (C-1265)                       Hamilton, TN

James Dennison K                      Nashville National                                          Davidson, TN

Philip Denison  K                       Old English                                                            Darke, OH

Daniel Densel E                          Chattanooga National (E-11772)                    Hamilton, TN

John Devault K                          Chattanooga National  (A-227)                       Hamilton, TN

Elijah Devers H                           Maple Grove                                             Champaign, OH

James D Dickerson E                   Nashville National  (N 46)                         Davidson, TN

Felix Dirk  A                                St. Stephen's                                                     Butler, OH

Josephus F Doty   C                    Ashley Union                                               Delaware, OH  

Joseph B Doyle  B                       Grandview  ( section 4)                                      Ross, OH

Ephraim Eckley, Lt. Col.             Grandview                                                       Carroll, OH

Joseph Edgar, G                          Iowa Veterans Home                                    Marshall, IA

Lyman Edwards  D                      West Lawn                                                        Stark, OH

Charles Elliot A                           Chattanooga National  (E-11898)               Hamilton, TN

Claudius Ellison K                      Marietta National                                              Cobb, GA

John W Emerson   E                   Rivercliff  ( sec 2)                                          Morrow, OH

Godfrey Engle  D                        Marion Twp.                                                  Morgan, OH

Moses Engle  F                            Broadway                                                         Union, OH

James F Evans   G                       Chattanooga National                                Hamilton, TN

Samuel H Ewing  B                      Grandview   ( section 1)                                     Ross, OH

Joseph Fairbanks  B                    Spring Grove                                               Hamilton, OH

Joseph Featherstone F                 Cave Hill National ( 231)                            Jefferson, KY

George M. Fell   D                       Mt. Peace                                                        Osceola, FL

William Fickey   K                       Gallipolis City Cemetery                                  Gallia, OH

William Findley B                        Chattanooga National                                 Hamilton, TN

Patrick Fineral E                         Chalmette                                      St. Bernard Parish, LA

Frederick Fister  B                      Unknown township                                             Ross, OH

Jerry Flynn K                              Chattanooga National                                 Hamilton, TN

John Folkerk aka Folkert F        Earley Cemetery                                        Guernsey, OH

Sylvester Frame  F                      Monahan's Memorial Old                                 Ward, TX

Asahel R Franklin  B                   Grandview ( section 7)                                       Ross, OH

Alexander Frazier   F                   Nashville National                                      Davidson, TN

Joseph Fullerton   G                    Methodist Church                                     Mahoning, OH

Colonel Edward P Fyffe               Oakdale  (section 53)                               Champaign, OH

Lyman Gardner  C                      Walnut Grove                                                Franklin, OH               

Anthony Gaumer F                     Chattanooga National (D-11936)                 Hamilton, TN

William H.H. Geyer  E               North Canaan                                                Morrow, OH    

William W. Gist   D                     Oak Shade, Marion                                             Linn, IA

Jacob Golley   A                          Grafton National                                         Taylor, WVA

John G Goodhue   C                    Stones River National                            Rutherford, TN

John Goodin   K                           Monroeville Memorial                                     Allen, IN

James R Goodman   E                  Stones River National                           Rutherford, TN

William S Goudy  H                     Chattanooga National                               Hamilton, TN

Jasper Graham  I                         Remby                                                            Scioto, OH

Patrick Graham K                        Chattanooga National (A-239)                  Hamilton, TN

W D Grandley   B                        Stones River National ( c-112)               Rutherford, TN

George W Griffith   G                  Los Angeles National   (35 RI/GR)      Los Angeles, CA

George Gunther   B                    Grandview  ( section 3)                                     Ross, OH

John Haas B                                Chattanooga National                                 Hamilton, TN

Edward Haffey C                         Cave Hill National (811)                             Jefferson, KY

John L Hall   C                             Powell                                                         Delaware, OH

Madison Hall  F                           Sheridan Municipal                                    Sheridan, WY

Theodore B S  Hall   C                 Powell Cemetery                                      Delaware, OH

William Hamilton B                     Greenlawn ( M-444)                                    Franklin, OH

John Hammond   A                     Greenwood  (2nd West section)                      Butler, OH

Ephraim Hanks B                        Mt Carmel, Springfield Twp.                           Ross, OH

Charles Hannan  D                      Ontario                                                        Richland, OH

William Heiser  B                        Old Methodist                                                  Ross, OH

Joseph Henderson I                     Chattanooga National (D-12152)             Hamilton, TN

John Henry   H                            Grafton  National                                       Taylor, WVA

Wilson S. Hershey  D                   Crown Hill National                                    Marion, IN

Frank Hess B                               Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

Emmanuel Hetler D                    Bloomingdale/Evergreen                              Dupage, IL

Sylvester Hewitt  E                     Spring Grove                                            Hamilton, OH

Henry Hezlett I                           Chattanooga National (B-489)                  Hamilton, TN

Joseph Hicks B                           Cave Hill National ( 4233)                        Jefferson, KY

Elijah T Hibbard G                     Bloomfield Cemetery                                Walworth, WI

Cyrus Hill A                                Greenwood  (2nd West section, lot 866)         Butler, OH

Henry Hitchborn   H                   Oakdale  
(section 52)                                Champaign, OH    

James Hoffman  D                     Chalmette                                      St. Bernard Parish, LA

Norman Holcomb  I                    Boise Barracks Military                                      Ada, ID

William Hollis I                           Chattanooga National (E-11260)                Hamilton, TN

Daniel Hopkins C                        Westfield Baptist                                        Morrow, OH

George Hopkins G                       Westfield Baptist                                       Morrow, OH

Myers Horn G                              Coal Hill                                                    Johnson, AR

Doren Houseworth  C                  Nashville National                                   Davidson, TN

Gilman Houseworth C                  Grove                                                          Hardin, OH  

Solomon M. Houseworth C          Waldo                                                        Marion, OH

George Huffman H                       Grafton National                                      Taylor, WVA

Mathias Huffnagle   B                  Grandview                                                    Ross, OH

Charles W. Hughes  D                  Blair                                                        Madison, OH

George Hull  F                               Snider                                                       Gentry, MO  

Joseph Hull   F                              Shattuck                                                        Ellis, OK

Samuel Hull   C                             Hollywood Forever                           Los Angeles, CA

James W Humphrey  C                 Elmwood                                                   Allegan, MI

Samuel Humphries   I                   Range                                                       Madison, OH

Amos J Hutchinson   K                Spring Grove ( A 201)                             Hamilton, OH

Samuel J Hutchinson I                 Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

Arthur Ingram  B                         Chattanooga National                               Hamilton, TN

H Jacobs F                                   Andersonville  National(7947)                     Sumter, GA

Benjamin D James B                    Greenlawn ( sec28, lot 38, 6)                     Franklin, OH

John H James   A                         Oakdale                                                 Champaign, OH      

John W James  I                           Grafton                                                      Taylor, WVA

Philip James   I                             Highland Center                                              Gage, NE

John Jennings F                           Stones River National (F2608)               Rutherford, TN

James H Johnson   D                   Chattanooga National (E-11747)                Hamilton, TN

Albert S. Jones   K                        Oak Hill                                                      Madison, OH

Francis  Jones   G                         Chattanooga National (C-1241)                 Hamilton, TN

William Jones   B                          Otterbein                                                     Franklin, OH

Robert Jump D                             Pleasant Valley                                           Richland, OH

Jonathan Karn G                          Stones River National (E2062)               Rutherford, TN

Walden Kelly   E                           Osborn Evergreen                                        Clinton, MO

John B Keller I                             Mt Calvary Lockbourne
(lot 34, Holycross, 10)  Franklin, OH

Martin Kennison  I                      Old Wheelersburg                                             Scioto, OH

Jerry Ketchum   B                        Riverside                                                        Denver, CO

Vernon A Kilbourn  B                  Greenlawn (section 62, lot 119, 1)                Franklin, OH  

Frederick Kimmler  D                   Mansfield City (section os-10, lot 536)       Richland, OH
(aka Kemmler)

George Kinch   A                        Greenwood (1st West section, lot 728)              Butler, OH

Lyman Kirkland  D                     Greenwood                                                            Kent, MI   

Joseph Kissling   I                        Nashville National (J-14081)                       Davidson, TN

Charles A.R. Kline  E                   Chattanooga National                                Hamilton, TN

Henry Knapp A                           Greenlawn (section  V, lot 74, 4)                   Franklin, OH

Abraham Kopp  B                       Grandview ( section 8)                                        Ross, OH

Jacob Kramer   I                         Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

Nicholas Krichbaum  G              Oak Hill ( section 2, lot 315)                       Mahoning, OH

James Ladley K                          Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

Nicholas Lambion I                    Chattanooga National                                   Hamilton, TN

Robert Larrison  F                     Chattanooga National (E-11382)                   Hamilton, TN

Francis Lazell  I                          Greenlawn                                                       Franklin, OH

Rudolph LeBeau  B                    Grandview  ( section 9D)                                      Ross, OH

Henry Legg   I                           Marietta National                                                  Cobb, GA

John Legg  B                              Greenlawn section (51, 138, B)                        Franklin, OH

William Leichner   I                  Greenlawn                                                             Scioto, OH

Stephen J Lighthizer   D            Chattanooga National (D-12073)                    Hamilton, TN

William F Limle B                     Chattanooga National (F)                                 Hamilton, TN

John Livezey  D                          Jamestown                                                            Cloud, KS

John Llewellyn   G                     Chattanooga National                                     Hamilton, TN

Leander Long, Rev.                   Woodland                                                           Greene, OH

Wesley Longley  C                     McConnelsville                                                Morgan, OH

MacDonald Lottridge  E             Ferncliff (soldiers memorial )                              Clark, OH

George H Louder E                    Greenlawn (circle M, 392)                               Franklin, OH

Joseph R Lunbeck  B                  Grandview                                                            Ross, OH

Travis Lynch   K                          Burlingame                                                        Osage, KS

Isaac Mains K                              Coalton                                                           Jackson, OH

Henry Marcellus  A                     Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

William B Marshall  I                  Greenlawn ( section 67, lot 93, 1)                  Franklin, OH

Charles L Martin   C                    Young's Cemetery                                            Henry, OH

Frank Martin   I                            Greenlawn                                                         Scioto, OH

James H Martin  D                       Danville National (c-203)                         Pittsylvania, VA

Henry  Martin H                          Chattanooga National ( b375)                       Hamilton, TN

Wilson Martin C                          Truro Cemetery                                               Putnam, OH

Benton Mason  C                        Hartford City (1, 277)                                    Blackford, IN  

Jesse Mason C                             Ebenezer, Lincoln Twp                                  Morrow, OH

Jacob Mathias  I                           Crown Hill                                                         Marion, IN

C T Mayer  C                               Chattanooga National (A-86)                        Hamilton, TN

Thomas McArthur   H                  Nashville National                                       Davidson, TN

Enoch McCabe  B                         Salem White Church                                          Ross, OH

Andrew McCall  I                          Remby                                                              Scioto, OH

Robert McCauley   G                   Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

John McCausland   E                    Maple Grove                                                 Morrow, OH

David McClelland G                     Stones River National (D1411)                Rutherford, TN

Alfred B McCreary  E                   Chestnut Grove                                          Sandusky, OH

James McDonald   K                    Mt. Calvary                                                  Madison, OH

James McEvey   G                        Oak Hill ( section 15, lot 75)                      Mahoning, OH

Nathan McFagden  B                    Greenlawn                                                           Ross, OH

Andrew J McGraw   G                  Sunderland                                                     Delaware, IN

Henry J McLandburg  B              Grandview ( section 4)                                         Ross, OH

Samuel  Meade  D                        Galveston National                                     Chambers, TX

Frederic Mercer  D                       Chesterhill                                                     Morgan, OH

Thomas J Mercer  D                     Marietta National ( I 286)                                 Cobb, GA

Jesse Meredith   C                        Baptist                                                           Morrow, OH

Isaac Miller  C                              Lebanon                                                          Marion, KY

James Miller H                             Chattanooga National (F-2116)                   Hamilton, TN

Joseph W Miller  E                       Nashville National ( J 640)                         Davidson, TN

William  H Miller  H                     Greenlawn (circle M-294)                             Franklin, OH

J R Miler  D                                  Centerville                                                Centerville, CO

Samuel Millikin  A                         Salt Lick Baptist                                              Ralls, MO

John Mishey  E                              El Dorado Springs                                          Cedar, MO

Daniel Mitchell   G                       Chattanooga National                                 Hamilton, TN

Abel Mock   K                              Corinth National                                             Alcorn, MS
(buried in grave marked unknown)

David M Moler   K                       Greenlawn (section 68, lot 414, 1)              Franklin, OH

Jacob Moler   K                             Shiloh National                                         McNairy, TN

James Moore  K                             Nashville National ( J-14085)                 Davidson, TN

John Moore  G                              Calvery ( section 13, lot 9)                       Mahoning, OH

John T Moore   K                          Chattanooga National                                Hamilton, TN

William A Moore   D                      New Albany National                                       Floyd, IN

William D Moore  K                       Nashville  National ( J 610)                      Davidson, TN

Thomas K Mouser H                      Raleigh National                                            Wake, NC
aka Monser

Thomas Morgan   G                       Oak Hill ( section 8, lot 6)                        Mahoning, OH

Job Morrison   D                            Galveston National ( b54)                        Chambers, TX

Edward Morrow   A                        Chattanooga National                               Hamilton, TN

Moses Morton  D                            Greenlawn                                                Richland, OH

Benjamin Moss   G                          Linden Grove                                             Kenton, KY

Adam Moyer   C                             Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

Owen Mullen  A                              Stones River National                          Rutherford, TN

Joseph Munnell  D                         Ontario Community                                  Richland, OH

James Murphy D                             Oakview                                                     Monroe, IA

John W Nealy  D                             Danville National ( D-573)                 Pittsylvania, VA

George Nesler  I                              Chattanooga National                            Hamilton, TN

Andrew Nicholas B                         Grandview                                                      Ross, OH

Samuel Nieswander E                     Chattanooga National                             Hamilton, TN

William Noe (aka Moe)  G              Kieferville                                                 Putnam, OH

James Nugent E                              Greenlawn (circle M, 422)                       Franklin, OH

Elias Oden  I                                    Hanover                                                     Licking, OH

Philip Ogan                                       New Saint Marcus                                 St. Louis, MO

Newton Olliver C                             Chattanooga National                             Hamilton, TN

Peter O'Melia    A                           Greenwood
(2nd West section, lot 891)                  Butler, OH

Ralph Osborn H                              Greenlawn (circle M-153)                         Franklin, OH

John H Osler  E                                Greenlawn ( section 58, lot 131)              Franklin, OH

Benjamin Ott   B                                Ott-Geil                                                         Ross, OH

John D Owens  D                              Buckley                                                       Pierce, WA

Luman Parmelee  G                         Marietta National ( H 175)                            Cobb, GA

Charles Parsons  D                           Mountville                                                Morgan, OH

Hiram Partlow  I                               Ridgewood                                                 Jackson, OH

James Pattee  D                               Sheridan Masonic                                       Yamhill, OR

Erastus Paugh   I                              Madison Valley                                        Madison, MT

Jacob Peters I                                  Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

John Peters K                                   Nashville National ( C-7027)                  Davidson, TN

Ephraim Pettit   D                             Richmond National                                    Henrico, VA

James Phillips  B                              Greenlawn                                                       Ross, OH

John C Phillips B                              Chattanooga National (F1621)                 Hamilton, TN

H  Phillips   H                                  Chattanooga National (A- 365)                  Hamilton, TN

William Pierson  E                            Douglass                                                        Butler, KS

Charles Piles   I                                Greenlawn                                                      Scioto, OH

Richard Price Pinkerton B               Murrell Masonic, Lynchburg                   Highland, OH

Samuel G Platt G                             Marietta National ( C K)                                 Cobb, GA

Amos Poland   D                              Nashville National (A-4199)                     Davidson, TN

Levi Potter  C                                   Marietta National ( I 293)                              Cobb, GA    

Robert Powell  K                              South Salon                                               Madison, OH

James Price C                                   Spring Grove ( A 297)                             Hamilton, OH

John Priest   F                                  Chattanooga National (B-486)                 Hamilton, TN

Lawrence Pross   B                           Grandview ( section 9)                                   Ross, OH

Amos Purdum   B                              Mount Hope                                            San Diego, CA

Benjamin Putnam   K                       Oak Hill                                                     Madison, OH

Joseph Rafferty    K                          Oak Hill                                                   Madison, OH

John T Raper   B                               Grandview ( section 8)                                   Ross, OH

George Raybuck  D                          New Haven                                                   Huron, OH

Englehart A. Rebestock  B                White Church, Hallsville                              Ross, OH

Michael Reddon A                             Greenwood (GAR section)                          Butler, OH

Israel Reed  E                                     Rivercliff ( sec 3)                                      Morrow, OH

Luther Reed E                                    Chattanooga National                              Hamilton, TN

William Reeves I                                Greenlawn                                                    Scioto, OH

Thomas Reid I                                   Greenlawn                                                     Scioto, OH

Allison Renick   B                             Grandview ( section 1)                                    Ross, OH

Felix Renick   B                                Grandview ( section 8)                                    Ross, OH

Henry Renick   B                             Grandview ( section  9D)                                 Ross, OH

Morris Renick   B                            Grandview ( section 1)                                    Ross, OH

Daniel Richards  Asst Surg.             Gnadenhutten                                      Tuscarawas, OH

John Richards, Jr   F                        Danville National (D-570)                    Pittsylvania, VA

Samuel Richeson   H                         Nashville National ( H-9790)                  Davidson, TN

John W Richey   F                            Mt. Zion                                                   Guernsey, OH

Aden Richison I                               Chattanooga National (C-1285)                Hamilton, TN

Martin Richmond  A                        Greenwood                                                     Butler, OH

Josiah Roberts  I                              Roberts                                                 Champaign, OH

Leonard Roberts   H                         Grafton National                                       Taylor, WVA

Samuel F Robinson  F                       Greenlawn ( section 87, lot 345, 5)            Franklin, OH

John Robnolt  D                               Floral Grove                                                Williams, OH

Alexander Rodgers   B                    Unidentified township                                       Ross, OH

Henry Roland  K                               Fairview                                                         Logan, OH

Samuel C Rook    G                          Oak Hill   (199)                                        Mahoning, OH

William H  Ross C                             Oak Hill  ( section 10, lot 115)                Mahoning, OH

David Rout  B                                    Monroe                                                           Jasper, IA

Samuel Rowland   K                          Greenlawn ( Section 45, 489)                     Franklin, OH

August Runger   I                              Chattanooga National (D-12702)              Hamilton, TN

John W Ruley  B                                Chattanooga National (B814)                   Hamilton, TN

Wilson S Rusk  D                               Nashville National                                    Davidson, TN

Nathaniel Rutledge  H                        Buckland                                                   Auglaize, OH

Samuel Rutledge H                             Nashville National ( H-9707)                  Davidson, TN

Jere Sailor I                                        Stones River National (O5626)             Rutherford, TN

John Sands  B                                    Wolf Creek                                                  Morgan, OH

Benjamin Sanford    K                       Chattanooga National (C-1253)                Hamilton, TN

James T. Sanford   K                         Oak Hill                                                     Madison, OH

Gamaliel W Saunders K                     Chattanooga National (A-384)                 Hamilton, TN

Benjamin Seahl  I                               Dayton National                                 Montgomery, OH

Isaac Shade  A                                    Cave Hill National (1760)                         Jefferson, KY

Jonathan Sherwood  C                       Marlborough                                            Delaware, OH

Mahlon Shipman E                            Spring Hill                                               Kanawha, WVA

John F Shriver F                                Stones River National (D1626)              Rutherford, TN

William Shutts   I                               Willow                                                              Lucas, OH

Wayne Simpkins   K                           Chattanooga National (B-887)                  Hamilton, TN

Thomas J Simpson C                         Marietta National                                             Cobb, GA

Frederick Singer H                            Stones River National (E1887)               Rutherford, TN

Isaiah Sipes   E                                  Bethel                                                           Morrow, OH

George Slack   C                               Ashley Mausoleum                                    Delaware, OH

Leroy Slack   C                                 Oak Grove                                                 Delaware, OH

Daniel D Smith   H                           At Home                                                   Champaign, OH

George Smith  H                              Stones River National ( B 148)                 Rutherford, TN

James W C Smith  A                        Greenwood (Zion section, lot 233)                   Butler, OH

John Smith  E                                   Cave Hill National (551)                              Jefferson, KY

John H Smith   B                             Chattanooga National                                   Hamilton, TN

John Smith  G                                 Galveston National                                      Chambers, TX

William H Smith    C                        Galveston National                                    Chambers, TX
also listed at Oak Grove                            Delaware, OH

Mathias W. Smith   F                       Locust Grove                                                   Vinton, OH

James Spence   B                            Grand View Memorial                             Los Angeles, CA

William Spence  B                            Western Methodist                                            Ross, OH

Augustine Spetnagle   B                   Grandview ( section 9D)                                     Ross, OH

Leopold Spetnagle  B                       Stones River National (K4315)                 Rutherford, TN

Edward Sprague   B                         Friendship                                                      Lowndes, MS

William Squires Lt. Col.                  Unmarked- possibly Oak Hill                        Madison, OH

George H. Staub   A                        Dayton National (A, 3, 62)                      Montgomery, OH

Horace C Stavett D                          Marietta National                                               Cobb, GA

William Steele   F                             Marietta National ( F 955)                                   Cobb, GA

Robert W Stenestreet E                    Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

George Washington Stevens A          Springdale (Reily)                                           Butler, OH

John Stewart B                                 Chattanooga National (A185)                      Hamilton, TN

John Stover    G                               Oak Hill ( section 8)                                    Mahoning, OH

William Stratton  C                           Ashley Union                                              Delaware, OH

Adolphus Stump H                           Chattanooga National                                  Hamilton, TN

William S Swiger  K                          Nashville National ( E 677)                        Davidson, TN

John Sullivan  C                               Lakeview                                                    Onondaga, NY

William Suver K                               Spring Hill                                                 Kanawha, WVA

John Swisher  B                                Fairview                                                   Montgomery, KS

John Tagg  G                                    Stones River National                            Rutherford, TN

Albert Taylor   C                              Andersonville
(marked unknown)                            Sumter, GA

David Taylor  C                                Lebanon                                                        Marion, KY

Henry Taylor  B                                Poplar Ridge                                              Morgan, OH

Joseph Taylor  D                              Greenwood Cemetery                         Muskingum, OH

Nicholas Tennis B                             Stones River National                         Rutherford, TN

Christian Thesser   A                         Stones River National                        Rutherford, TN

Andrew B Thomas  C                        Marietta National                                         Cobb, GA

Alva Thompson F                              Grafton National                                      Taylor, WVA

Hamilton Van B Thompson C           Andersonville National (7224)                   Sumter, GA
                      also listed at Oak Grove                     Delaware, OH

Hudson Thompson  E                        Knoxville National ( 9197)                           Knox, TN

James L. Thompson  G                    Oak Hill                                             Vanderburgh, IN

Augustus Tillet   F                             Salesville Hilll United Brethren            Guernsey, OH

Luther Timberlake  D                       Matamoras                                        Washington, OH

James Townsend    C                         Andersonville National ( 9945)                 Sumter, GA

Isaac Tucker   D                                Imhoff                                                       Ashland, OH

Edward Turner   G                             Ohio Veterans Home                                     Erie, OH

Nathan Tyler  D                                 Greenlawn (E. Crestline)                        Richland, OH

(Unidentifiable )  A                             Greenwood   (GAR section)                        Butler, OH
Background photo taken at Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Sources of Information:  Personal observation, Andersonville data base, Cave Hill National Cemetery database, Chattanooga
National Cemetery database, Stones River National Cemetery database, Nashville National Cemetery database,  Jan Rader's
research of Company B , SUVCW Dennison Camp # 1 database, Stuart Martin's research at Danville VA National Cemetery,
Delaware Co. Tombstone Encscriptions, Pat Houseworth's research of Houseworth ancestors... Individual grave photos at
Andersonville Cemetery courtesy of Andersonville historian Kevin Frye,  and Danville Va National Cemetery courtesy of Stuart
Martin ;
Roll of Honor, US Quartermaster's Dept, 1865- 1867. Thanks to fellow descendant, Rob Weller who compiled many of
the burial sites. Special thanks to SUVCW  brother John Quist who conducted geneological research on many of the 26th Ohio
vets of Co. C. Fellow descendant, Penny Allen-Clagg provided info and photos for many soldiers with Company I as well as
other companies.  
Note: As of  January 2020  475 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry soldiers' burial sites have been located.
"  The neighing troop, the flashing blade, the bugle's stirring blast,
The charge, the dreadful cannonade.  The din and shout are past. "

Tablet at Chattanooga National Cemetery