Descendants Get Together at Chickamauga, Sept. 20-22, 2013
                   On the 150th Anniversary of the Great Battle
26th Ohio Infantry Monument
Descendants at the 26th Ohio Monument
Tim Crawford, Barb Layne, Eileen Wilson, Kent Jordan,
Roger Moss, Wade Barr, Jeff Hill,  Penny Allen-Clagg, Jim
Eaton, Dave Davis and son, Bill Patterson, Bill Patterson, Jr.,
Steve Mercer
Close Up of Commemorative Wreath
Intrepid Descendants touring East Viniard Field
Atop Missionary Ridge near the 26th Ohio tablet
Note: 34-star US Flag (Civil War era) provided by the
Battle Reenactment held in McLemore's Cove
Wilder Tower illuminated at conclusion of
Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra concert,
Sat. Sept, 21
Snodgrass Hill Battle Reenactment in
McLemore's Cove
Jim Eaton reading passage from Ecclesiasticus
during the Commemorative Ceremony
Tim Crawford and Bill Patterson laying
the wreath at the 26th Ohio Monument
Jeff Hill describing the regiment's
movements in Dyer Field
(in the background).
A monument to the regiment is located in the far
distance to the left side of the photo near the
tree line in the background.  
Lee and Gordon's Mills on the bank of Chickamauga Creek
Tour began at Lee and Gordon's Mills
   Atop Orchard Knob, Chattanooga
Jim Eaton explaining Buell's brigade's battery
(Note: Viniard farm compound location site is
in background where the copse of trees are situated)
Good ole southern BBQ lunch and chance to get out of
the pouring rain
Ditch position at Viniard Fields where many
casualties (Blue and Gray) were inflicted
Jeff Hill expaining battle movements on the
map at the Chickamauga Visitors Center
Atop Missionary Ridge, Jeff Hill points out 26th
Ohio's pursuit movement to the east after the
successful assault up Missionary Ridge
26th Ohio's first position in Viniard Field
Brotherton Cabin  and Field- where the fatal gap in the
Union line was mistakenly opened on the second day of
the battle.
Camp Location on Dry Valley Road- where the
regiment rested for a few hours the night after the
first day's battles